What is AYSO?

The American Youth Soccer Organization is a national, recreational youth soccer program that has been around for over 50 years. It’s been a part of the DeWitt community for decades. For more information on what AYSO is all about, visit

What teams are available?

DeWitt AYSO starts at the U-8 level and is now using a birth-year registration process. Divisions are done in two-year increments (U-8 = 6 + 7 year olds, U-10 = 8 and 9 year olds, etc).  Please check the official age guide for more details.  Children within three months of the cutoff can be moved up (not down) at their parents’ request.

What if my child is just below the age cut-off?

Kids can be moved up into U-8 if they are within a couple months of the age limit.  Since AYSO plays in two-year divisions, be aware that they could be playing with some much larger children.

How much does AYSO cost?

The cost is $85. This includes a uniform, shorts, socks, and 14 games between the fall and spring seasons. There is a discount for multiple children in the same household. Limited need-based scholarships are also available.

That seems really cheap, what’s the catch?

The cost is low because AYSO is an all-volunteer organization. We need volunteers to step up as coaches, co-coaches and referees in order for the program to work.

Is there travel involved?

Yes, there will be away games to communities like St. Johns, Laingsburg, Bath, Ovid-Elsie and Portland.

When are practices/games?

The coach will decide the practice time, subject to field availability.  Games are primarily held Saturday mornings, with minimal exceptions.

When is registration?

Registration is officially open until July 15th for the upcoming Fall-Spring.

How do I register my child?

  1. Visit and click “Register Now”
  2. Complete a player application using 862 for the region number and DW for the location code.

How do I register to volunteer?

Once you’re logged in for registration, there are links for either adults or youth that want to volunteer.

What if my child changes his/her mind and doesn’t want to play?

There is a refund form on under Downloads. It needs to be mailed in before the first scheduled practice.

Can we make requests to play with specific friends or for a specific coach?

The only request that can be honored is for two people that want to coach together. Any requests beyond that can lead to issues with unbalanced teams, administrative difficulties and politics.

How do I know what uniform size to specify?

The uniform size spot in registration isn’t actually used.  AYSO sends a mix of sizes for each team and the parents work it out based on the relative size of the kids.

Are teams unisex or coed?

All teams are unisex for both practices and games.

How are teams formed?

We do our best to create balanced teams using whatever information we have available — mostly player age and experience level as reported in the eayso application process. Teams are created within the following parameters, to allow everyone on the team plenty of playing time:

Age Division Players per team on field Maximum team size Minimum team size
U-16 11-a-side 18 12
U-14 11-a-side 15 12
U-12 9-a-side 12 9
U-10 7-a-side 10 7
U-8 5-a-side (no goalies) 7 5

Why doesn’t AYSO use goalies in U-8?

  • Goalies get fewer touches on the ball.
  • Many kids at the U-8 level aren’t physically ready to play goalie successfully.
  • More scoring.  Kids who would never score a goal otherwise can enjoy that accomplishment.