Soccer options

Here is quick overview of some of the soccer options available in DeWitt.

Ages 6 and up 4 and up U-9 and up
Coaches Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer
Referees Volunteer Paid Paid
Try-outs No No Yes, in June.
Sign-up May-June July-August June
Seasons Fall and Spring (same team) Fall and Spring (separate) Fall/Winter/Spring
Practices 1 per week 1 per week 2 per week
Games 1 per week 1 per week 1+ per week, some tournaments
Cost $85 for both Fall and Spring See See
Travel To cities listed on No – younger teams.  Lansing – older teams. Primarily within Lansing area.


Each league plays small-sided games although there are some format differences at the youngest levels.

  • AYSO U-8 plays 5v5 with no goalies.  Goalies are introduced at U-10 with 7v7 play.
  • DARA 1st grade and above plays 6v6 with goalies.
  • CASL U-9 and U-10 play 7v7 with goalies.

There are also multiple premier teams available in the Lansing area.