Here is a rough outline of the timelines for AYSO.  Like most soccer programs, the AYSO “membership year” runs like a school year with summer registration followed by a fall season (6-8 games) and a spring season (usually 6 games).

When What
July Registration for Fall/Spring ends.
July – August Assess player and volunteer counts.
July – August Seek additional players and coaches to fill in gaps.
July – August Begin assembling teams.
August Soccer camp.
August Coach and referee training.
August Communicate to families anywhere we can’t complete a team.
Late August Communicate teams to coaches.
Late August Practices may begin.
September Fall season starts.
October Fall season ends.
November – February Relax.
March Check on player counts. Fill in any gaps for non-returning players.
April Spring season starts.
May Spring season
May Begin registration for next year.  Communicate registration to community and schools.
June Last Spring games may be in early June.